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Frequently Asked Questions

Is replacing my windows a good investment?

Installing new home windows are definitely worth the investment depending on what you are looking to get from them. Replacement windows bring value by increasing your home’s resale value, increasing energy efficiency and increase your home’s overall aesthetics.

Do new windows add value to your home?

Research has illustrated that the average value of a home can increase by 10% with a new window installation. Buyers will be more likely to buy a home with newer windows, as they won’t need to replace them themselves.

How long does it take for windows to be replaced?

Replacing one window takes around forty to sixty minutes. The typical timeline for window replacement takes around four to seven weeks after the windows are ordered. Most companies can install between ten to fifteen windows per day in your home.

What causes seal failure in windows?

One of the main reasons window seals eventually fail is through a process called solar pumping. As the sun shines down on your windows, the glass expands and puts pressure on the seal. Overnight, the glass cools and shrinks. Day after day, this process repeats, and, over time, the seal may fail.

How do I know if my window seals are broken?

The primary indicator of a broken window seal is moisture between the window panes. If your windows are foggy, but nothing happens when you try and wipe away the condensation, the fog is inside the window. That is the immediate and obvious sign that your window seal is broken.

Are more expensive windows worth it?

Buying the least expensive window or door for your home is never the best thing to do. They are usually cheap for a reason. In my opinion, it is well worth the extra cost to receive the increased value you receive for an energy efficient vinyl replacement window.

Is it hard to replace windows?

Do It Yourself is possible with new window installations but should only be undertaken by people with advanced carpentry skills. Installing multiple windows on multiple floors yourself can be a challenging, drawn-out project. In addition, when done incorrectly, it can negatively impact performance and aesthetics.

What is the difference between single hung and double hung windows?

The difference between single-hung and double-hung windows is the number of sashes that move. A single-hung window has one fixed, or non-operable, sash and one operable, or moveable, sash. A double-hung window has two operable, or moveable, sashes.

What are ENERGY STAR windows?

ENERGY STAR® doors and windows are ones that have been independently tested and certified to meet strict energy-efficiency standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Do double pane windows save energy?

According to, double-pane windows can reduce energy usage by up to 24 percent in the winter months and up to 18 percent during the summer. It’s important to keep in mind that to see energy-saving results, you must replace all old and failing windows in your home; not just one.

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Our Clients Love Signature Home Pros
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